Services & equipment overview

Since our founding in 1949, we have continued to expand our range of services. This allows us to offer our customers a complete package consisting of, among other things:

Our engineering department can advise you, handle required permits, and execute complete projects for you. In addition to our own services, our project office can advise you on water transport, international transport, and assembly work. If required, we can also arrange this for you.

Below you can read more about our services:

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Cranes & telescopic handlers

Our Strength of Versatility is well reflected in our range of cranes and telescopic handlers. From compact cranes that fit through a doorway to mobile telescopic cranes that can lift entire ships, we have the right machine for your job. Our engineering department will be happy to advise you on what is the best solution for your project.

When you rent a crane or telehandler from us, you don’t have to worry about operation. All of our cranes and telehandlers are manned by our own expert personnel. We also have a wide range of auxiliary material.

Wondering which crane or telehandler is best for your project? Then click here:

Industrial movers

The (re)installation of industrial machinery, the (dis)assembly of production lines and moving other heavy objects in limited space. All require meticulous preparation, specialized equipment and expert execution. Our machine removal department can perform this for you.

We can place your machines extremely carefully and accurately in the desired position. Our employees are flexible, possess improvisational skills, are willing to work on your team and think with you about the best possible solutions. And where necessary, we combine machine relocations with another discipline such as a crane or transportation solution.

We are happy to meet with you to further develop a solution for your project.

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Transport & steel road plates

Hoisting, lifting, or machine relocation often involves transportation. Simple or very complex, we can solve it for you. We have a wide variety of transportation equipment, including work platforms, trailers, and semi-low-loaders. For very heavy transports, we have platform trucks with load capacities over 600 tons.

Exceptional transportation often requires some preparation. With oversized loads, it is important to know the route well. We are happy to help you with your route survey and can also arrange the waiver and or permit for you.

Again, all of our transportation equipment is driven by our own skilled personnel.


Every project, large or small, involves a certain level of complexity. Regulations, site constraints and lots of other factors can cause a seemingly simple project to become very complex.

Whether it’s moving a ship’s hull, placing a bridge, or installing a dormer in a tight thoroughfare, we are happy to support you. Our project managers are versed in these matters and are happy to advise and assist you.

Where necessary, our project managers provide a lifting plan, task risk analysis or other form of work plan so that you always know what work we will perform for you.

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Crane company Nederhoff’s range of services

As can be seen in our history, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff began with a crane of our own design. Initially this crane was used for excavation work but after a few years cranes were used more for lifting work. Soon more cranes were purchased and to this day, lifting operations are the core business of Crane Company Nederhoff.

With the advent of crawler cranes and demand from customers, we also quickly expanded to include various transport equipment and driving plates. In addition to transporting our own cranes, auxiliary equipment, steel plates and ballast, they were also used for transport of third parties. We still do that, often in combination with lifting operations with our own cranes and/or our machine movers.

With our cranes and transport equipment, we get many of our customers’ objects to the right place. But increasingly, the right place is difficult to reach. For example, in a factory hall, in a monumental building, or somewhere with weight restrictions. With our machine movers, we also have a solution for these more complex projects. With various tools and devices, they can remove or place objects. Where necessary, of course, we combine this with our other disciplines.

The questions of our (potential) customers have become more and more comprehensive. In addition to providing (a combination of) cranes, transport, steel plates and machine removals, we also provide rigging and lifting plans, permit and exemption applications, water transport, and a variety of other services. Hence the creation of our engineering department, they can take care of all this and ensure coordination with all relevant parties.

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