Chain Liability Law

Chain Liability Law

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff BV

Chamber of Commerce: Gouda, registration no. 29017578
Payroll tax no.: 0017.05.623.L.01
VAT/Sales Tax No.: EN 0017.05.623B.02

Business association: 21. Transportation
Registration number: 021-104.697.27.01.01

Bank: ING Bank in Amsterdam
IBAN code: NL 57 ING B

G account
IBAN code: NL 27 ING B

As a percentage of payroll, we recommend 30%.

Insurance Conditions

Working under the VVT General Conditions means:

  • The obligation for third-party insurance up to €2,500,000.
  • The load to be lifted is insured up to an amount of € 150.000,– provided that the load to be lifted is equipped with lifting points calculated for the load; in case the client fails to do so, the client will be liable for all resulting damage.
  • The crane operator cannot be held liable for caused damage or consequential damage if work is carried out outside the operator’s vision and incorrect instructions are given or the load to be lifted is not properly hooked up.
  • Our cranes are also casco insured and we have a liability insurance for transports, which insures the goods to be transported up to a maximum of €3.40 per kg.
  • If the value of the goods to be transported is greater than € 3.40 per kg. or the load to be lifted has a value of more than € 150.000,– and needs to be insured, insurance can be taken out through us at a premium of 1.4 per mille (1.4 ‰ ) of the total value of the goods and/or load to be insured, however with a minimum of € 100,– (excluding € 60,– policy costs). The deductible will be € 2,500.

Want to learn more about our insurance conditions and the options we offer on our projects? If so, please contact us.

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