Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are ideal for projects where cranes are needed for long periods of time. These cranes are on a tracked undercarriage so they are not tied to fixed location on a construction site or paved roads.

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff offers three types of crawler cranes:

The overview below lists the specifications of our crawler cranes by type. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us or request a quote right away!

Nederhoff crawler cranes - crawler crane

Conventional crawler cranes

The conventional crawler crane is the ideal crane for work over long periods of time on the same site. Thanks to the lightweight, strong lattice boom and (moveable) jib, a conventional crawler crane can lift impressive loads both at height and on flight. Ideal for building homes by tunneling or building apartment buildings, for example. The boom and jib lengths can be custom built for a project so that the most ideal configuration can be used on each project.

Telescopic crawler cranes

The Telescopic crawler crane is quick to deploy – for a crawler crane – thanks to its telescopic boom and compact dimensions. The telescopic boom extends so that the full boom length can be used in no time. And thanks to this boom, the crane can also be used well in locations where space is limited or there are height restrictions. The compact dimensions allow the cranes to be transported with limited resources which, unlike the large crawler cranes, also makes them suitable for daily or weekly deployments.

Crawler tower cranes

A rare machine on Dutch construction sites, the crawler tower crane. With a crawler undercarriage and tower crane superstructure, the crawler tower crane combines the mobility of a crawler crane with the reach and load visibility of a tower crane. Like the convenctional crawler cranes , the configuration can also be customized to your project.

Rent crawler cranes from Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff

All these crawler cranes have their robust undercarriage in common. The tracked undercarriage allows them to move around the construction site with ease. There is no need to outrigger these cranes, as mobile telescopic cranes and mobile tower cranes do. This makes them faster on projects where lifting work has to be carried out on multiple locations. Some of the crawler cranes can even crawl on the constuction site with a load. The maximum crawl dimensions are stated on the product cards. The length of the crawler is fixed but in some cases the track can be set narrower. This results in a narrower crawler base.


Traditionally, capacity has been indicated in the maximum number of tons the respective crawler and crawler boom crane can lift on a short radius. Often this is a very short radius of 2.5 or 3.0 meters. In practice, however, lifting operations at this radius almost never occur. In fact, often the load must be placed at a distance and/or height. Therefore, the stated capacity is more of a designation than an indication of actual usable capacity. To determine the capacity at more realistic, larger radii is summarized in tables in the specifications.

The capacity of tower cranes is measured in ton meters. Tonmeter is the product of the number of tons a crane can lift on a given flight, measured in meters. The maximum value of ton meters is used to indicate the capacity of the crane. Because this capacity is difficult to interpret, it is little used in practice.

Boom length

In practice, tower cranes are more often referred to as the maximum horizontal reach of the crane, measured from the crane’s turning radius. For example, we usually talk about a 45-meter crawler tower crane, not a 122-ton-meter mobile tower crane. The specifications therefore state the maximum lifting load per meter of flight. Which crane you need for your project can be seen here.

We select the right crane for your specific needs and ensure safe and efficient lifting operations. Whether you need versatility, compactness or long reach, we have the right crawler crane for your project. Contact us today and let us help you with your lifting needs with the right crawler crane.

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