Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff was founded in 1949 in Gouda. A lot has happened between then and now. In the timeline below, we have listed the most important moments of our company.

1949 zelfgemaakte hijskraan op een oude dumptruck amerikaanse leger

Founding by Mr. C. Nederhoff sr.

Founder C. Nederhoff Sr. started the company on May 1, 1949, by renting out a partially homemade crane on an old dump truck. This crane – equipped with a grab – was mainly used for unloading ships. A real improvement, because until then it was done by hand!

GMC scaled e1650436725441

Commissioning second crane

Just ten months later, the second crane was put into service. This crane was stronger than the first crane and was equipped with a longer boom.


Start transportation work

To complement the crane rental business, the first transport combination was also put into operation in 1951. Several salvage cars were also put into service in the 1950s.

10 RB

Purchase of first crawler crane

Crane company Nederhoff is increasingly being called in for long-term projects. The first crawler cranes are therefore being purchased for these projects.

1972 eerste mobiele telescoopkraan kraanmbedrijf nederhoff

The first mobile telescopic crane

In addition to grabbing work, lifting is becoming an increasingly important activity. So in 1972, one of the first telescopic cranes in the Netherlands was put into operation. The advantage of this type of crane is the fast set-up time and the ability to lift farther.

1980 grootste mobiele telescoopkraan nederland 200 tonner 8 asser

Scoop: largest mobile telescopic crane in the Netherlands

Mobile telescopic cranes are quickly becoming indispensable and development is rapid. A few years after Crane Company Nederhoff put a 100-ton mobile telescopic crane into service, a 200-ton mobile telescopic crane followed in 1980!

1987 primeur 400 tons telescoopkraan

Largest mobile telescopic crane in the Netherlands

The technical development of lifting cranes is rapid; in 1987 a new mobile telescopic crane is put into service with a capacity of no less than 400 tons!

dhr mevr nederhoff

Transfer to second generation Nederhoff

The founder, Mr. C. Nederhoff, transfers the company to his four sons. The move to its current location at Burgemeester Reenensingel 121 in Gouda will also be completed.

1988 eerste spierings mobiele kraan ter wereld

First Spierings mobile crane in the world

In Oss, Leo Spierings came up with an improved version of the mobile tower crane. Crane company Nederhoff purchased the first fully Spierings-built crane. It proved to be a great success and this type of crane has become indispensable on Dutch construction sites.

1991 verbeding dienstenpakket eerste platformwagen

Expansion of services: first platform truck

With the commissioning of the first platform truck, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff can also offer exceptional transport services. It can be used to transport loads such as ships and transformers.

1998 verbreding dienstenpakket eerste roterende verreiker

Expansion of services: first rotary telescopic handler

Not only is the demand for heavy-duty equipment increasing, but the demand for light lifting equipment is also increasing. The first rotary telescopic handler, also called telehandler, is being used for this work. The rotary telescopic handler can be equipped with a work platform, rotating fork carriage, hoisting winch, and various other tools. This makes it a very versatile machine.

1999 wereldprimeur grootste mobiele telescoopkraan ter wereld

World first: largest mobile telescopic crane in the world

In the late 20th century, Nederhoff saw increased demand from customers to lift heavier loads. The largest mobile crane in the market at the time was too small for the intended work. Therefore, the brothers sought contact with suppliers and thus, together with Van Seumeren (now Mammoet), the Demag AC650 was developed; in 1999, by far the largest mobile crane in the world!

2000 verbreding dienstenpakket eerste telescooprupskraan

Expension of services: first telescopic crawler crane

At the turn of the century, Crane Company Nederhoff put the first telescopic crawler crane into service. The combination of tracked undercarriage for mobility on construction and telescopic boom for rapid deployment is proving to be an ideal combination for infrastructure projects such as the HSL.

2006 overname van genderen kraanverhuur vianen

Take-over of Van Genderen Kraanverhuur

In 2006, Van Genderen Kraanverhuur of Vianen was taken-over from the Van Genderen family. A valuable addition of colleagues, customers, equipment and a modern site that will allow Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff to serve its customers in the central Netherlands even better.

2011 oprichting kraanverhuur nederland

Establishment of Kraanverhuur Nederland

To reduce travel times and emissions, Kraanverhuur Nederland (KVN) was founded in 2011. KVN is a partnership with local crane rental companies spread throughout the Netherlands. This allows KVN to offer clients nationwide coverage. See also http://www.kraanverhuurnederland.nl/

2016 professionaliseren machineverhuizingen

Professionalizing machine removals

Due to continued demand, the first flatbed truck full of tools for machine removals is put into service.

2020 wereldprimeur eerste hybride mobiele kraan ter wereld

World first: world’s first hybrid mobile crane

In 2020, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff will put into use the world’s very first hybrid mobile crane: the Spierings SK487-AT3 ‘City Boy’.

Thanks to the built-in battery pack, the City Boy can drive fully electric in and out of the city. Once at its destination, the City Boy can operate electrically on its own power for several hours or be connected to the power grid. With the City Boy it is thus possible to work completely emission-free, for example in inner cities and natural areas.

2020 opening derde verstiging rotterdam

Opening third location: Rotterdam

The third location will also open in 2020, on the Greenport terrain. From this location, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff is closer to (future) customers in the Rotterdam region.

2021 ingebruikname bakwagen met compactkraan en rupscarrier

Commissioning flatbed truck with compact crane and crawler carrier

Because work sites are getting tighter, for example with machine removals and work in inner cities, the company is investing in a compact crane. Together with the accompanying crawler carrier, the compact crane will have a place in the equally compact flatbed truck.

2021 overdracht aan derde generatie nederhoff

Transfer to third generation Nederhoff

For several years, two members of the third generation of Nederhoff have also been working in the family business. On May 1, 2022, they took over the company from the second generation.

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