Aluminium cranes

The aluminium crane; the combination of an aerial work platform and a mobile telescopic crane. These unique machines allow working at height as well as lifting operations. Within minutes, the operator can switch between aerial work platform and crane. And because the aerial work platform can be taken on deck, the aerial work platform/crane can always be used as an aerial work platform as a mobile crane.

Furthermore, the aerial work platform crane has an integrated jib. This makes it easier to work over obstacles. And because the aerial work platform body can rotate 225 degrees to the left and right, the machine can also work at the back of an object as an aerial work platform.

In addition, the boom of these machines is not made of steel but of aluminum. This results in a lighter boom that reaches impressive heights and flights. An additional advantage is that the overall weight remains under 20 tons, allowing the aerial work platform/crane to be used even in areas with weight restrictions.

And of course, the aerial work platform/crane can also operate completely electrically, requiring only 63-ampere connection.

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nederhoff aluminium crane

Aluminium crane rental from Nederhoff

At Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff, we strive for quality and reliability. Our aluminium cranes are well maintained and meet the highest safety standards. Our experienced operators ensure safe and efficient machine operation, allowing you to work on your project with confidence.

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