More information about our transportation equipment can be found below. We rent out these transport equipment with an accompanying truck, possibly equipped with a knuckleboomcrane. Like our cranes and telehandlers, we only rent out our transport equipment manned.

For very oversized loads in terms of size and/or weight, we also rent out hydraulic modular trailers. Individual modules allow the hydraulic modular trailers to be customized for your project. We also offer trailers and (extendable) semi-low-loaders. A number of semi-low-loaders are extendable or equipped with ramps.

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Hydraulic Modular Trailers

Hydraulic modular trailers – also called conventional modular axle lines – consist of individual modules that can be combined in a variety of ways. Behind each other, side by side, or two separate combinations under one load; hydraulic modular trailers makes it all possible.

This makes hydraulic modular trailers the ideal method for transporting heavy and/or oversized loads. These loads can be loaded with a crane, but the hydraulic modular trailers’ hydraulic suspension system allows it to load and lower the load itself.


Unlike trailers, semi-low-loaders have a gooseneck and smaller tires which result in a low load floor. This makes it possible to carry higher loads.

Semi-low-loaders are also suitable for longer loads, as several of our semi-low- loaders are extendable so that even oversized loads can be transported.

A number of our semi-low-loaders are equipped with drive-up ramps making it possible for machines such as crawler cranes, telehandlers or other machines to drive themselves onto the semi-low-loader.

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Trailers are the means of transporting general cargo and pallets. For longer loads, we also offer extendable trailers.

In addition, we also offer curtainside trailers, which allows the cargo to be transported dry. These tilt trailers are also suitable for short-term storage, for example in combination with our industrial movers when moving in a new production line.

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