Compact Cranes

With our compact cranes – also called mini cranes and spider cranes – we can get to locations where our other cranes cannot. Ideal for inside a business hall, downtown or any other hard-to-reach location with limited space. Need transportation on location? In addition to the compact crane, we also offer a transport carrier.

To arrive on site, both the crane and transport carrier are transported in a compact flatbed truck. With a width of only 220 centimeters and a low overall weight, we can get into city centers with this fully equipped flatbed truck.

The table below lists the specifications of our compact crane and accessories. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us or request a quote right away!

Nederhoff Compact Cranes - Compact crane drives out of flatbed truck

Renting compact cranes at Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff

Lifting in narrow space is becoming increasingly important; whether in the city or in a factory, square footage is valuable and must be used to its fullest potential. This also brings logistical challenges. And that’s where these little powerhouses from the renowned Dutch company Hoeflon are ideal. We have summarized the main features for each compact crane and supporting machines on the product cards. Below is a brief explanation of what is on the product cards. More information can be found in the downloadable specifications.


Capacity is indicated in the maximum number of tons the particular crane can lift at a short radius. In this case, the minimum radius, which is 2.5 meters. If lifting is required at a distance greater than 2.5 meters and/or height, the capacity is lower. The capacity on other ranges can be found in the specifications.

Boom length

Boom length refers to the length of the telescopic mast. This can extend for impressively far or high lifting. Lifting further or higher does affect capacity. We always rent out our compact cranes manned with an experienced operator. No surprises at work? If so, please contact our projects office. Ultimately, the boom, along with any jib, determines the range (flight) and height the crane is able to reach.


The jib is an extension of the boom that increases the flight and height that can be achieved. The jib can be angled, similar to a knuckleboomcrane. This allows the compact crane to reach even harder-to-reach areas than with just the main boom.

Crawler base

Our compact cranes are brought to site by us. Then the crane can crawl the white tracks to the work site. Maximum track dimensions are noted on the product cards. These are the maximum dimensions, the tracks can be set narrower when driving. With this narrower track base, the crane fits through a doorway. Note that despite their compact size, compact cranes weigh several tons. So it is important to take this into account, for example, by laying or having steel plates laid.

Stamp base

Once on site, the crane will need to be set up. This will require the crane to be outriggered. The outriggers extend and push the crane up so that eventually the crane is completely on the outriggers. This distance between the centers of the stamps is therefore stated. To determine the area required to set up the crane, we must add the length of half of the outrigger plate as well as part of the outrigger bulkhead to this distance. With these cranes, the outriggers can be independently positioned at different angles. This allows optimal use of the (limited) space.


No emissions at the construction site or plant hall? The compact crane can operate fully electrically on 32-amp grid connection that allows the crane to drive and lift emission-free.

Want to know more about these faucets? If so, please contact us.

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