Lifting equipment

This page lists the most commonly used lifting equipment. In addition to standard lifting equipment, we also have a wide range of specific lifting equipment and, where necessary, we also develop our own lifting equipment. We rent our lifting equipment in combination with our own manned machines.

Wilt u meer weten wat onze hulpmaterialen in combinatie met onze andere diensten voor u kan betekenen? Neem dan contact met ons op of vraag direct een offerte aan.

For lifting pallets:

  • Pallet Hook
  • Pallet hook for drywall plates
  • Tilt hook – for tilting pallets of drywall

For lifting floors:

  • Floorplate clamp
  • Lifting set
  • 8-points for floor plates

Clamps for various (construction) materials:

  • Clamp for roof cover beams
  • Clamp for wooden roof plates
  • Clamp for (block)elements
  • Lime sandstone clamp
  • Tile Clamp

Lifting a gable brick:

  • Facade stone pliers (“HULO pliers”)
  • Gable brick pallet hook
  • Suction cup for glass 300kg or 500kg – double circuit

Lifting concrete elements equipped with lifting provisions incorporated in concrete elements:

  • DeHa socket anchor
  • Frimeda coupling rings

Lifting wrench set:

  • Container hooks
  • Equipment bin
  • Selfbalancing-lifting beam
  • Sheave
  • Stelcon plate hooks

Lifting beams:

  • Steel beams
  • Beam Clamps
  • Gas bottle rack

Gas bottle rack

Regulations for work platforms suspended from a crane has been subject to a number of changes since July 2020. Broadly speaking, this means that a work platform in combination with a crane may only be used if no safer alternative is possible. Safer alternatives include the installation of scaffolding, the use of an aerial work platform, telehandler with work platform or aerial work crane. We can also offer some of these alternatives.

Still want to explore the possibility of using a work platform in a crane? Our engineering department will be happy to advice you. If working with work platform is indeed possible within the applicable regulations, they will also be happy to assist you with further preparation.

More information on these rules can be found: Section 7.23d Health and Safety Decree.

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