Family business

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff was founded in 1949. At the time Cees Nederhoff Sr. started with one crane in Gouda. The business grew steadily and Mr. Nederhoffs four sons joined the company. In 1987 he transferred the company to his sons and they continued to build the business. On May 1st, 2022 the company transferred to the third generation of Nederhoff. If you want to know more about our story check out our history.

As a family business we are especially proud of the employees who help build and have helped build Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff. We are proud of the long employment contracts, the short lines within our organization and that everyone still knows each other by name. Together we continue to build on Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff!

2020 wereldprimeur eerste hybride mobiele kraan ter wereld

Our Mission

Our mission summarizes what we stand for as a family business:

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff solves logistical challenges for a diversity of customers with lifting and hoisting work. We do this with skilled and committed staff. They use our versatile and well-equipped machinery. Where necessary, we provide professional and complete advice with the client at the center of our attention. Versatility is our strength, safety and reliability are in our nature.

The Power of Versatility

Our Core Values

As a family business we pursue the following five core values:

Reliable: icon of shaking hands


Professional: icon of head with cogs


Versatile: icon of pocket knife


Safe: icon of reflective vest and safety helmet


Solution-oriented: icon of lamp with puzzle pieces


Our Vision

Our vision summarizes what we aim for with Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff. It provides guidance for developments in the future.

Nederhoff is the leading cranecompany in the Netherlands. We are ahead of new developments and always go for the best service.

Our skilled, committed employees are our strength. By being ahead of new developments they have access to a wide range of modern resources to solve any lifting challenge safely and timely. Education and training ensure that they can apply these tools safely. We always work safely.

A 650-ton telescopic crane lifts a 100-ton crawler crane from low-loader to job site
A 650-ton telescopic crane lifts a 100-ton crawler crane from low-loader to job site
mei juni

As a family business we believe in the power of working together with our people and with our customers. Due to our flat organization we are always able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. We are a partner in projects with an experienced and robust organization.

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff is a healthy company. We invest in new equipment which allows us to continue to deliver our high quality of service.

With our employees, our equipment and our organization we make every job a success.

World's first hybrid mobile crane: the Spierings SK487-AT3 City Boy


As a family business, not only do we feel it is important to be able to pass on the business to the next generation, but we also want to be able to pass on our earth to the next generation.

Therefore, when investing in new equipment, sustainability is an important criterion. This means we invest in the highest emission standards, hybrid technologies, and comfort for our staff. Therefore, we were particularly proud to have the premiere in 2019 with the world’s very first hybrid mobile tower crane: the Spierings City Boy.

With heavy equipment we cannot (yet) avoid using conventional fuels, but where possible we work with the most sustainable options. For example, all our machines use at least 20% HVO fuel and we limit unnecessary kilometers by participating in Kraanverhuur Nederland. Whenever possible, we also build in more sustainable engines, extending the life of our equipment.

Furthermore, we also understand that every little bit helps; that is why we have installed solar panels on our roofs, limit the use of disposables, point out sustainable behavior to each other, invest in sustainable employability of our staff, and are always on the lookout for further sustainability.

The Power of Versatility

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