Industrial movers

With industrial movers, our Strength of Versatility comes into its own. Whether it is the installation of a new machine, the (dis)assembly of a complete production line, or the transportation of heavy or oversized parts, these are activities we perform with our industrial movers.

With a wide assortment of specialized tools, our staff can perform activities with extreme care and precision. When necessary, we seamlessly combine this with our other services such as crane rental and (exceptional) transport.

Omdat de werkzaamheden zeer uiteenlopend zijn, lichten we hieronder een aantal ‘casestudies’ toe. Benieuwd naar de mogelijkheden voor uw project? Neem dan contact met ons op of vraag direct een offerte aan!

Nederhoff industrial removals

Case study: museum relocation

Nederhoff industrial removals

Due to the closure of a museum, Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff was asked to transport more than 40 vehicles and objects from the museum in downtown Almere to a depot in Apeldoorn.

The museum objects were moved by our industrial movers through a folding wall in the facade to the lowered courtyard and then lifted to street level with a crane. The museum exhibits were then loaded onto various means of transportation and transferred to the depot.

Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff was able to take care of all logistics and exemptions for this.

Case study: transporting module

For a customer who makes modules for processing gases, we regularly handle the transshipment of the modules from the production site to transport.

Modules weighing several dozen tons are jacked up, in some cases further assembled, and then pulled outside. Once outside, a crane puts them on a transport combination that takes the module to the port for shipment.

This forms a beautiful collaboration between our various disciplines.

Nederhoff industrial removals

Case study: loading and tilting of steam boiler components

Nederhoff industrial removals

We were asked to ship a boiler produced in the Netherlands from the production site to the end customer in Southeast Asia.

At the production site, the boiler was loaded onto a semi low-loader using two 100-ton mobile telescopic cranes. The boiler was then brought to us in Gouda and tilted with a 200-ton mobile telescopic crane so that the producer could make final checks.

After the boiler was approved, it was transported to the port of Rotterdam so that it could be loaded onto an sea-going vessel.

Because of the limited space on production site as well as the complexity of the final checks, this was an ideal job for our industrial movers in combination with our mobile telescopic cranes and transport equipment.

Industrial movers at Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff

At Kraanbedrijf Nederhoff, we specialize in industrial movements. We provide safe and efficient relocation of your machinery to a new location. Our experienced team carefully assesses and plans the process, disassembles the machine if necessary, arranges transportation and ensures proper installation and assembly at the new location. With our expertise and advanced equipment you can rely on a trouble-free machine relocation. Contact us today and let us move your machines safely and professionally.

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